Brutal Sesame Street
Plot Hippies make fun of Kermit
Air date TBA
Season Season 1
  • As Kermit is walking around Sesame Street greeting people such as Big Bird, Grover, Bert and Ernie, he then comes across a picture on a brick wall that show Kermit with a black hat and holding a rifle. Kermit gets angry with the picture but before he throws a fit he notices that a group of Hippies are pointing and laughing at Kermit in a huddling position.
  • What Andre Does When Grover is Not At Charlie's (Part 1): A documentary focuses on what Andre does during his job while Grover is off for the day. We first see Andre sitting at a table alone. He says how he hates it when Grover isn't around because he is a fun monster to be around with. Never-Before-Seen flashbacks on him and Grover are shown such as them cooking chicken, serving people their food and even the "Bell Service" sketch (this is the only flashback that has been shown already on the show). Andre then goes back into the kitchen and the Narrator say "We will return with What Andre Does When Grover is Not At Charlie's after this commercial break.
  • The group of Hippies are seen still chating when Kermit encounters the group. The Hippies make fun of him because of the picture. Kermit suggests that they should take the picture down for a good reason. The leader of the group (Beared Hippie) then suggests that Kermit should just go away. Grover comes and tries to help Kermit which does not go well.