• Oscar the Grouch pops out of his trash can to rudly greet everybody. Grover walks by and says "Hello" to Oscar. Oscar tells him that he should see a doctor and calls him a mut. Herry Monster then walks by and says "Hello" to Oscar. Oscar thinks of what to say to Herry, but then remembers that he could beat him up if he says something rude to him. Big Bird comes out and says nothing to Oscar because in his mind he thinks he'll say something rude to him. Headline Howie then comes up to Oscar and asks him about his day. Oscar then tells Headline Howie to scarm. As Headline Howie walks away, Oscar spots Cookie Monster walk by. Cookie Monster bangs on Oscar's trash can and tells him that he met a "weird brown creature" while going to get ice cream. The "weird brown creature" then appears asks Cookie Monster about his day. Cookie Monster tells him he's having a wonderful day. The "weird brown creature" then tells Cookie Monster that his name is Chewchilla. He then looks at Oscar and laughs. He tells Oscar that he looks like a green glop of shit. Chewchilla then walks away as Oscar watches in disturbence. Cookie Monster says goodbye to Oscar and then leaves as Oscar stares down the street.